This is a popular seminar and is often run twice in a day to accommodate the numbers wishing to attend. It is not uncommon for this to be thought of as the most important seminar of all, as generally there is still a good amount of time available to plan for the future for the attendees of this programme.
Typical topics you could expect to see covered include:

Your NHS Pension

  • The 1995 and 2008 Sections explained in detail and your options
  • The 2015 Section explained and will it affect you
  • Auto-enrolment including for those retired and returned
  • How your pension is calculated
  • How to increase your pension
  • Tax free lump-sum options
  • Death Benefits before and after retirement
  • Flexible retirement, winding down, stepping down, etc.
  • Coming back to work
  • The paperwork, DB2, PN1 and AW8 and time scale
  • Contact details

State Pensions and Benefits

  • State Pension Entitlements
  • The State Pension now and in 2016
  • How you qualify
  • Voluntary Contributions
  • Other benefits
  • State Pension Deferral
  • Winter fuel payment
  • Paperwork, time scale and contact details
  • Retiring abroad

Protecting your income and life

  • Life assurance and income protection if occupational benefits are insufficient
  • Can you live comfortably if your partner cannot work?
  • The pros and cons and your options

Saving and Investing

  • Risk
  • Inflation and the problems it can cause
  • Flexibility to manage the future
  • Low, medium and high risk and how it can change
  • The dangers of ‘fringe investments’
  • Stock market, property and others; risk and performance

Mortgages & Tax

  • The importance of reviewing mortgages and understanding tax rates

Equity Release

  • Be aware of it for the future and for your parents

Estate Planning and Wills

  • Planning now to mitigate Inheritance Tax and Long-Term Care costs
  • How best to own your home and when to make any changes
  • The importance of the proper Will
  • Probate explained
  • Lasting Power of Attorney

The importance of getting the right advice

  • The different types of financial adviser
  • How advisers are compensated
  • What you should ask them
  • Solicitor and Estate Planners
  • Help with Probate
  • Regulation and your rights

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‘Very Helpful, practical advice delivered in an easily understandable format – many thanks’
Private Company Seminar Attendee, Private Company Seminar Attendee
‘There was so much great information gained today despite being married to an accountant – thank you’
NHS Seminar Attendee, NHS Seminar Attendee
‘Very informative presentation, Well delivered & Clear. I learnt so much!!’
NHS Webinar Attendee, NHS Webinar Attendee
‘Thank you - clear presentation and explanations. It was very helpful’.
Seminar Attendee, Seminar Attendee
‘The Eulogie presentation has given me plenty to think about. Thank you very much for answering my question. ‘
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‘Thank you very much for another great presentation.’
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