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About Eulogie

Our History

Eulogie was founded by Ian Sheppard in 2004. He started in the industry by delivering seminars on behalf of financial firms to other companies and organisations including the NHS, Local Government and large firms in the private sector.

Ian quickly realised that the only way to ensure a high quality of presentation and information was to develop the seminars, and their content himself. Soon after this realisation in 2004 Eulogie began offering seminars in its own name.

Since then, at Eulogie, we have built an unrivalled reputation for designing and delivering personal financial awareness seminars for all levels of employee in the Public and Private Sectors.

We offer a range of standard seminars but can also tailor these seminars to your organisation’s specific requirements or even develop completely bespoke seminars for your particular needs.

With our seminar delivery we can ensure that your employees are aware of the benefits offered by you as the employer, including pensions, death in service, sick pay and any of the other benefits you may offer. We deliver these seminars in a way that is fully compatible with the needs of your organisation and aligned succinctly with your corporate culture.

We also began working with employers on delivering Redundancy and TUPE seminars in 2010, after we found that this was a challenging task for the HR Departments of some of our partners when undertaken alone.

It is important to note that our help does not end when the seminar is complete. We offer on-going support to your employees. We can help in a whole host of ways with the support of our partners in planning, accounting, investing and legal services.

If you have any questions or further enquiries, please contact us. We are confident that our ability to deliver the messages you require will exceed your expectations.


Our Values

Eulogie runs on four core values…

  • Our People
    The strength of our company and its delivery of important financial awareness and ongoing support to our clients and attendees lies in the strength, knowledge and expertise of our people.
  • Trust
    Trust is the most powerful currency in business. The integrity, reliability and fairness of our business and our people gives us and our clients and attendees confidence in the quality of our delivery.
  • Clarity
    We provide complete transparency in our education and guidance. Our team and our partners are fully aligned in values, goals and purpose to ensure the most succinct messaging to our clients and attendees.
  • Long-Term Strategies
    We are continuously improving and implementing new concepts with the knowledge that this will drive increased value for our clients and attendees.
About Eulogie
‘Very Helpful, practical advice delivered in an easily understandable format – many thanks’
Private Company Seminar Attendee, Private Company Seminar Attendee
‘There was so much great information gained today despite being married to an accountant – thank you’
NHS Seminar Attendee, NHS Seminar Attendee
‘Very informative presentation, Well delivered & Clear. I learnt so much!!’
NHS Webinar Attendee, NHS Webinar Attendee
‘Thank you - clear presentation and explanations. It was very helpful’.
Seminar Attendee, Seminar Attendee
‘The Eulogie presentation has given me plenty to think about. Thank you very much for answering my question. ‘
Webinar Attendee, Webinar Attendee
‘Thank you very much for another great presentation.’
NHS High Earners Seminar Attendee, NHS High Earners Seminar Attendee

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We ensure that all the employees we educate receive the information that they need about their pensions, investments, taxation and legal affairs in plain English. We are renowned for our ability to provide information in a clear and understandable way even when the topic is complex.