Pre-Retirement Seminars

The NHS Pre-retirement Seminar is in two parts. Part 1 is Financial Awareness and Part 2 Estate Planning. This is our most popular seminar and is often run twice in a day to accommodate the numbers wishing to attend.

Part 1 Financial Awareness

  • The State Pensions, what it is and how and when you qualify
  • All versions of the NHS Pension Schemes in detail
  • Getting a forecast and checking for errors
  • Rules about Special Classes
  • Knowing which scheme you are in (1995, 2008 and 2015)
  • What counts towards your pension
  • Comparing the three schemes
  • A worked example
  • The tax free lump sum
  • NEST – a pension if you can’t be in the main NHS Pension
  • Annual and Lifetime Pension Allowance rules
  • Buying extra pension
  • Part time and Lower Band working before retirement
  • Retire and Return – the rules
  • VER – Retiring early the penalties and the benefits
  • What happens on death
  • How to claim your pension
  • Sickness pay options and rules including ill health retirement
  • Death in Service
  • Tax, Saving and Investing
  • Income Tax
  • ISAs
  • Combating inflation
  • Risk
  • Inheritance Tax

Part 2 Estate Planning

  • Estate Planning and Wills
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance Tax, how to mitigate it and the allowances
  • Equity Release
  • Long Term Care costs
  • How best to own your home
  • Trusts
  • Importance of a Will
  • Lasting Power of Attorney

The importance of getting the right advice

  • The different types of financial adviser
  • How advisers are compensated
  • What you should ask them
  • Solicitors and Estate Planners
  • Help with Probate
  • Regulation and your rights

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