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The Importance of Financial Education

At Eulogie we believe that it is more important for companies to provide financial awareness to their employees than ever.

A happy and well supported workforce is a more productive one. When your associates and colleagues are better informed about their financial future, they should feel more comfortable and engaged in the other parts of their lives.

It is important to educate those around us to the importance of..

  • Financial Awareness
    A greater understanding of how finances, financial strategies and financial products work, will give an individual a better chance of making confident and well-informed decisions. Education around finances should be a key element at the heart of any form of company support.
  • Financial Advice
    Understanding where to obtain advice and when it is needed has never been more vital. With so many avenues of support available it may be difficult to know where to start. It is important to know when, where and how advice and support should be sought.
  • Wills, Trusts and LPAs
    Nearly everyone from the age of 18 and above should have some form of Power of Attorney in place. Many understand the importance of these legal documents by learning what happens when you don’t have a Will, LPA or other measures in place when it would have been appropriate. By learning about them many negative experiences can be avoided.
  • Protection
    Life assurance, long term care, income protection and other forms of protection often act as the foundations of an effective lifetime financial plan. It is important to understand the importance of income in our planning and how we can protect our loved ones, as well as our most valued possessions and resources.


NHS Specialist Seminars

In addition to our most popular seminar as listed above and explained in further detail if you follow the links above we offer..

  • Drop-in-Seminars – advertised in advance, your staff attend just for the session(s) they need.
  • Induction seminars for new employees – to receive information about your pension scheme, life assurance, sick pay, family benefits, tax, mortgages etc.
  • IFA days – We can arrange for an Independent Financial Advisor to attend free of charge for a day at your location, where staff can book a 1-hour session to talk in confidence about any financial issues of concern.
“We have assisted our client’s to invest over $400 million dollars in assets, with extremely high customer satisfaction ratings.”
About Eulogie

At Eulogie, we provide the education, direction and on-going support to company employees in the public and private sectors to help them meet their financial goals and objectives. We do this by covering the information that everyone needs to know about pensions, investments, taxation and their legal affairs. This knowledge will help our attendees to feel better about tomorrow.

We ensure that all the employees we educate receive the information that they need about their pensions, investments, taxation and legal affairs in plain English. We are renowned for our ability to provide information in a clear and understandable way even when the topic is complex.

Our services are designed to support and enhance those provided by busy in-house human resources, payroll and pensions departments. Crucially, we can also provide on-going support and consultation for your team. We can make an introduction to keep partners and offer complimentary one on one meetings with attendees where suitable.

About Eulogie
‘Very Helpful, practical advice delivered in an easily understandable format – many thanks’
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‘There was so much great information gained today despite being married to an accountant – thank you’
NHS Seminar Attendee, NHS Seminar Attendee
‘Very informative presentation, Well delivered & Clear. I learnt so much!!’
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‘Thank you - clear presentation and explanations. It was very helpful’.
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‘The Eulogie presentation has given me plenty to think about. Thank you very much for answering my question. ‘
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